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More Bumbershoot Interviews!

Seattle’s music scene — as you’ve probably heard — is an unwavering, productive smorgasbord of genres and sub-genres, all of which are represented each year at the city’s Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. And of the Rainy City’s blossoming acts on the bill this year, jangly indie rockers the Pharmacy and goth-tinged quartet Schoolyard Heroes logged as two of the most promising. Following the fivesome’s inaugural Bumbershoot performance within the walls of the Experience Music Project’s Sky Church, which concluded with a flailing of bodies, drums, and keyboards, Pharmacy frontman Scottie Yoder and drummer Brendhan Bowers took a minute to discuss their past experiences as attendees of the event, and their forthcoming, um, yet-to-be titled record: “We’re leaning toward Something, but we’re not sure if we can get sued for it,” admits Bowers.

On the other end of the sonic spectrum, also caught up with hard rocking, shriek heavy outfit the Schoolyard Heroes just hours before their performance to a fervent afternoon crowd. The band, prepping for their second show of the weekend — they happily filled in for +44 on the mainstage on Bumbershoot’s opening day — chew the fat on their forthcoming record, Abominations, it’s recording processes, and their future plans.