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The Mendoza Line, ’30 Year Low’ (Glurp)

These Brooklyn-based twang rockers aren’t just breaking up, they’re breaking up. Core members Shannon McArdle and Tim Bracy are dissolving their marriage, and with it, their band, so this eight-song coda — including a second disc of odds and sods — is indie rock’s Shoot Out the Lights, with two pithy wiseasses trading below-the-belt jabs. But it’s not just D-I-V-O-R-C-E that lends the short-but-sour album its dread — Bracy and McArdle are also freaked by the prospect of aging, on the woozy title track, the double-time “31 Candles,” and the barbed “Aspect of an Old Maid.” For a band named after a benchmark of mediocrity, it’s fitting that they bow out consumed by matters so ordinary.

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