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The Good Life Try to ‘Let Go’

Exclusive! Stream the ode to heartbreak and healing "So Let Go" from the Good Life's upcoming fourth LP, Help Wanted Nights.

As the autumn leaves begin to brown and fall away the Good Life’s Tim Kasher hopes to undergo a similar transformation, shedding the baggage of a stagnant relationship built on fear and lies. A bold reality check for a cold and distant lover, “So Let Go” lays it all on the line, refuting all the ifs, ands and buts of a union gone sour. Structured around weathered doubts, Kasher croons variations on a theme: “We could … but we won’t” and “we should … but we don’t,” as this embittered ballad builds. Over a gentle slide guitar and soft drum brushes come Kasher’s brave, if not pessimistic indictments, woozy with reverb, giving the tune a whiskey-soaked feel.

Never raising his voice above a hushed whisper, he lets his words do the stinging. “You keep lying to yourself / But the truth is you’re afraid / Of letting go,” claims Kasher as the song’s conclusion nears, ultimately offering the only viable solution. “So let go,” he insists finally, bidding farewell to a doomed love as the curtain falls on the Good Life’s weathered lullaby. Pour yourself a drink and mourn your own heartbreak with Help Wanted Nights, which drops Sept. 11th via Saddle Creek.

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