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Figurines Feel ‘The Air’

Those wishing to hold onto these warm weeks before the autumn sets in would do well to curl up in a hammock with Figurines. With influences ranging from Donovan to Modest Mouse, the Danish quartet channels carefree vibes with effervescent guitar riffs and golden-toned, rolling harmonies — their lumberjack-like muttonchops and mod haircuts aren’t bad either.

“The Air We Breathe,” featured on their third studio effort, When the Deer Wore Blue, is a dreamy psych pop soundscape featuring frontman Christian Hjelm’s high-pitched, haunting vocals, and slow-building pianos courtesy of band member Jen Ramon. As Hjelm gently croons, “Do you feel the air we breathe? / Do you feel the air we need? / Do you feel the things I see? / Do you feel close to me?,” you’ll be drifting off into slumberland in no time. When the Deer Wore Blue arrives Sept. 11 via the Control Group.

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