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Ben Gibbard Gets Intimate with MGD

Ben Gibbard and beer? That’s right — the Death Cab for Cutie frontman joined Miller Genuine Draft last night (Sept. 10) for the Craft, an event celebrating the art of making great music and beer. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Warren Zanes, a.k.a. as the guitarist for ’80s rockers the Del Fuegos, played host, talking with the famed Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service frontman about advice for aspiring songwriters (“Just do it!”), how Death Cab has managed to stay together for over a decade (“We really like each other.”), and his idea of the perfect pop song (“Thirteen” by Big Star).

In such an intimate setting at the Fillmore Auditorium — just Gibbard and an acoustic guitar — the renowned lyricist seemed a bit fidgety while answering Zanes’ questions, pulling down his shirtsleeve and constantly readjusting his glasses. But when taking a break from the Q&A, Gibbard outshined his shyness, treating the audience to songs like the Postal Service’s “I’ll Be Your Winter Coat” and Death Cab fave “The Sound of Settling” as well as a lovely rendition of Rilo Kiley‘s “Silver Lining.” Beer and Ben — yep, there’s definitely nothing better.

We asked: Since tonight’s show featured a Q&A session, if you could ask Ben Gibbard one question, what would it be?