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Bat for Lashes Blushes on Bowery

With a clear sense of urgency and passion in her voice, Bat for Lashes silenced an anxious crowd last night (Sept. 25) at seminal downtown venue, the Bowery Ballroom. Draped in sequins, an elegant, flowing blouse, and vintage frocks, London-bred Natasha Khan and her backing band delivered a hypnotic mixture of sounds from the past and the future (think beautiful, mythological creatures that are fans of Björk and A Certain Ratio) — within minutes of her opening song “Trophy,” the sold-out crowd was transfixed, and Kahn reciprocated, flattered and smitten.

Chiefly delivering selections from her debut LP Fur and Gold, fans giggled in delight as Khan’s voice soared above earth shattering drums in “What’s a Girl to Do?” while her hand delicately raked across a traditional Indian instrument in “Prescilla.” Though openers Lewis & Clarke — channeling the spirit of Nick Drake — made a valiant effort at leaving their mark, when all was said and done it was Natasha Khan’s name that was on everyone’s lips.

We asked: Playing off Bat for Lashes’ album title Fur and Gold, what do you prefer: fur or gold and why?