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Anti-Flag ‘Still’ Hates Your ‘Corporate’ Allegiance

Anti-Flag may be pacifists, but don’t you dare try to placatethese fuming rebels. Channeling every last drop of theirsocio-political angst into song, the Pittsburgh-based group’s unrestshowers the dirty, greedy and rotten in snarling discontent. On”Corporate Rock Still Sucks,” the fury rains down in distorted powerchords and breakneck drums. And the societal villain in the cross hairsthis time? That’d be the white-collar stiffs, soulless like wide-eyedzombies.

“You do what you’re told!” sneers frontman JustinSane with audible contempt. But thickened by faded handclaps and thechorus of whoa-ohs that made AFI a crossover sensation, thepissed-off punks sound tickled as ever to be the voice of thedisenfranchised youth brigade. A eulogy for those lost in corporatetakeover, it’s the throaty scream of the final tribute — “anothervictim of the daily grind” — that drives the point to finality. Allproceeds from the band’s new EP, A Benefit For Victims of Violent Crime,will go to the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime ( limited-edition release, out Oct. 2 via the band’s A-F label, willfeature five new studio tracks and five live songs.

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Anti-Flag – “Corporate Rock Still Sucks”

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Talk: Have you been a ‘victim’ of ‘corporate rock’ that sucks?

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