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Travis Morrison, We ‘Like You’

Having the hots for someone can make any musician lose his cool. Which is exactly how Washington, D.C.’s Travis Morrison sounds, sputtering phrases to spastic beats, light keyboard and anxious guitars on “I’m Not Supposed to Like You (But),” the two-minute charmer featured on his second studio LP, All Y’All.

The ex-Dismemberment Plan leader, now joined with his band Hellfighters, takes on the subject of new romance with a short but sweet coda of “I’m not supposed to like you but I do,” delivered in Morrison’s clear as a bell baritone, eventually recoiling into a wild saxophone solo that sounds exactly like your heart thumping when you see your lover walk through the door. A mesh of the Rapture’s multivalent booty bouncing and the idealism of the Zombies “This Will Be Our Year” — cue the sweaty palms and awkward dinner conversation for this tune. Nothing’s greater than love. All Y’All drops Aug. 21 via Barsuk.

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