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Riverboat Gamblers Seek Revenge

“Revenge is a dish best served with waffles!”

It all started with an innocent cake. A cake that didn’t want to start any trouble — most likely it just wanted to be eaten and pooped out later that evening or perhaps the next morning after coffee. But the planets were aligned in a different formation for the cake. Its destiny turned from tasty dessert into a weapon that was used on bassist Pat Lillard’s head in Dallas, Texas (care of Valient Himself), thus starting a Volcom Tour trickster war!

We waited a week to initiate the counter attack upon the Thorrs, and boy did we unleash a full-blown assault! It began with a trip to the grocery store, and the purchase of many bottles of syrup (nice, thick density) and a huge burlap sack of feathers. When we passed them on the freeway we were pointing at them and laughing. They were like, “That’s weird” and just kept driving. Little did they know what us crazy Texans were up to.

The Volcom Tour was in Wilmington, NC on this night (Aug. 18) and it was a rager. The sold-out show had over 500 fans stuffed into the Soapbox, and all bands on the bill blanketed the crowd with rock bombs all night long, leaving no one dry from sweat.

At the end of the night, the Thorrs were giving the fans a good spanking and were just about to take a quick breather in between songs when the Gamblers pushed the red button to bum-rush the stage! Multiple jugs of syrup were dumped on top of Valient Himself and immediately following was a bombardment of feathers! The tar-and-feathered venusian was completely calm and let swift revenge come sweetly upon him, while also letting the crowd get a taste of the sugary goodness! Being the triumphant rockers they are, the show went on until the end. After the feathers and smoked cleared, we paid 150 bucks in clean up fees and damages.

Long live rock’n’roll and long live fun! Thanks to Mitch and the Soapbox for putting up with our debatchery! To be continued?

— Mike Wiebe, Riverboat Gamblers

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