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The One AM Radio Rises Higher with “Mercury”

Yalie electro-folk musician Hrishikesh Hiway has put himself through the emotional ringer as of late with a metaphysical voyage to India, a nasty breakup, and a recent move from Los Angeles to Rhode Island. The vulnerable electronic heights that single “Mercury” achieves — off recent third-length This Too Shall Pass on the Dangerbird label — can only be attributed to these transformations, further examined by in an exclusive remix by tourmates, Tempe, Arizona indie popsters Lymbyc Systym.

Where the original “Mercury” matched Postal Service keyboard programming with Hiway’s sad-sack vocals, Lymbyc Systym investigates its emotional core, replacing it with a heavy piano, record scratching and a jangly percussive beat. “You said you couldn’t stay / You were burning up and away,” Hiway laments, crackling static and a dramatic pound of piano scorching in intensity through the fog. If not happier, Lymbyc Systym makes the track a little brighter, allowing traces of sunlight to peek through Hiway’s dark clouds overhead. Check out the One AM Radio’s “Mercury” to see if you can hear the moment when Hiway’s heart’s about to break.

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