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The Lonely H

Who?These Seattle throwback rockers booted out their first album, Kickin’ Upstairs, in 2006. Taut live shows swirled with swank three-part vocal harmonies and earned the band a ‘don’t miss this’ reputation in the region. This year, Mark Fredson (vocals), Eric Whitman (guitar), Johnny Whitman (bass), Ben Eyestone (drums), and Colin Field (guitar) all graduated from high school in June before sprouting forth the guitar-laden full-length Hair, out now via the Control Group.

What’s the DealThese youngsters (birthdates 1988 and 1989) jive with a flow pioneered 20 years before their births via blazing acts such as Led Zeppelin and Queen. Fredson’s vocals are more Jason Lee from Almost Famous than Robert Plant or Freddy Mercury, but the band swaggers and stomps all the same. From cascading guitar noodles on “All Hope” to the multiple vigorous lead workouts on the eight-minute blowtorch “The Drought,” everything about Hair is all about the rock. The perfunctory acoustic tunes (“Rollin'” and “It’s Not Right”) are heavily Zep-flavored, though the title track wails more like a nasty Gov’t Mule down-home swamp boogie.

Fun Fact: Vocalist Mark Fredson got a bit sloshed during a high school dance and opted to relieve himself on the bleachers. The police busted him, and Fredson was issued a citation for Minor in Possession (M.I.P.) and eventually prosecuted on the crime. The case was ultimately dismissed though, as the judge was biased towards The Lonely H’s music. Talk about small town luck!

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The Lonely H – “For Barbara”

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