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The ‘Knights’ of Minus the Bear

In their short yet ever-surfacing success, Seattle’s Minus the Bear continue to defy pretension with their atmospheric amalgamations of literate lyrics, ethereal electronic threads, and rock riffs that recall everything from heady classic rock to punk. Planet to Ice, their studio follow up to 2005’s Menos el Oso and 2007’s remix effort Interpretaciones Del Oso, the inquisitive fivesome size up their experimental rock fierceness for their most cohesive set of tunes yet.

On “Knights,” Minus the Bear seemingly pick up where the Dismemberment Plan left off, but with their own breed of heavily focused intensity. Vocalist Jake Snider gets cynical (“I owe you, don’t I?”) without sounding trite, and David Knudsen’s dizzying guitar work only adds to “Knights” overall sonic assault — its disjointed multilayered beauty rails at breakneck speed a la the Jealous Sound. Honestly, between the song’s edged-in electronic tinkering and an unexpected soaring bridge fit for a Guitar Hero face-off, “Knights” is an impressively sturdy step up for Minus the Bear. Get ready, Planet of Ice will melt your heart and headphones Aug. 21 courtesy of the band’s longtime label home, Suicide Squeeze.

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