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It’s Junior Senior Fever

Since they descended upon American shores just four years ago with their intoxicating dance floor hit, “Move Your Feet,” we know that there ain’t no party like the one Junior Senior hosts. Touring in support of their latest studio LP Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, the Danish duo didn’t disappoint L.A. patrons last night (Aug. 15) either, for Jesper and Jeppe’s explosive candy-flavored disco dance rock electrified a mix of young nu ravers, aged scenesters, and even jaded CAA agents at the Roxy. Mustachioed frontman Jeppe, donning plenty of gold bling, looked like a Nordic “Eazy-E” as he kept the beats flowin’ on “Can I Get Get Get.” His kewpie-like sidekick Jesper wooed girls up front with his signature boyish croon during “We’ R the Handclaps.” Ultimately, Junior Senior brought us back to the days of Studio 54 circa 1979. Opening act Gravy Train!!! only added to the evening’s explosive good time with their sexy electro clash set. PHOTOS BY AUXY ESPINOZA

We asked: In “Can I Get Get Get,” Junior Senior ask an unsuspecting prospect, “Can I get to know you better, baby?” Which one of the Junior Senior — Junior (Jesper) or Senior (Jeppe) — duo would you like to get to know know better and why?