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Ferraby Lionheart Explores ‘Vermont’

In terms of airy, joyous folk rock that plucks softly at your heartstrings, you can’t go wrong with Ferraby Lionheart. A Los Angeles native via Nashville (but don’t hold that against him), Lionheart dons the melodic troubadour straw hat and Jon Brion-esque vocals, aching with quiet divulgence. “Vermont Avenue” strays down open patchworks of cooing violins, intimately picked acoustic guitar and just enough piano to let tears stream down your cheeks. “If we get the money / we might buy their sorrow,” Lionheart whispers in a breathy tenor that ignites wisps of faint bells. Its music that translates well to staring up at puffy clouds, far away stars or city skylights — as long as you can catch your breath. Catch the Brass Ring drops Sept. 4 via the Nettwerk label.

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