Who? After a handful of years of life on the road and two cramped in a Los Angeles Days Inn, the Blakes’ dirt-dragged swagger is gaining national traction. Brothers Snow (bass) and Garnet (guitars) Keim share Jagger-like vocal duties, while Bob Husak pounds the skins. Garnet dreamt he met 18th century English poet William Blake in a metalshop before floating into the streets together. When he awoke, the Seattle-based band had a name, which stuck because it reminded Snow of the Smiths. The band’s debut LP drops in October via indie label Light in the Attic, but a sterling teaser EP, the limited-edition Streets, is available now. Playing Bumbershoot’s Sound Transit stage Monday (Sept. 3) at 2:15 P.M.

What’s the Deal? Soak the Kinks in cheap booze, reignite the Stooges’ strut and add some modern Strokes of ambition, and you have the Blakes. The jagged and glassy-eyed “Two Times” (written in seven minutes) peaks with an enraptured chant of “Shake shake shake,” while the polished “Don’t Bother Me” elevates on a fluid glide aboard an invisible jet. The Blakes play gritty-yet-hazy rock music, a throwback to a more vagabond era.

Fun Fact: While living life on the road, the Blakes make time for band practice, too. They’re known for rehearsing at interstate truck stops, much to the delight of pit-stopped truckers.

Stay tuned to SPIN.com’s coverage of Bumbershoot 2007, which goes down this weekend in Seattle, and watch a video interview with the Blakes plus snippets of their Bumbershoot set!

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The Blakes – “Don’t Bother Me” DOWNLOAD MP3

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The Blakes – “Two Times” (Live at Easy Street Records, Seattle) https://www.youtube.com/embed/5Q5VuM9WTvI On the Web:
The Blakes at MySpace

Talk: Are you ready to ‘shake shake shake’ to the Blakes’ gritty rock’n’roll?

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