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Against Me! Churn Out New Songs

Just in case you missed the searing set Gainesville, Florida’s Against Me! cooked up at Spin‘s summer BBQ earlier this month, here’s live video footage of the four boys cranking out as many new tunes from their brand new Sire debut, New Wave. Overpowering a blur of charcoal smoke, chattering fans, and skaters shredding the half pipe at New York City’s Milk Studios, Against Me! sated fans and Spin staffers’ live cravings with propelling punk sonics and frontman Tom Gabel’s burly roars. Thoroughly exemplified by fresh cuts like “Thrash Unreal,” “New Wave,” “Up the Cuts,” and “White People for Peace,” the band’s solid New Wave tracks delivered a thrashing good time, ultimately abandoning fans’ faces blissfully battered in sound. See for yourself!