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The 1900s Tread ‘City Water’

The 1900s are a seven-piece pop group from Chicago. A intimately connected mash of friends from high school, former co-workers and ex-lovers (and new lovers) so personal they would be Fleetwood Mac if Stevie Nicks was into deep dish pizza, their particular blend of violin-tinged folk scored them a recent slot at this summer’s Lollapalooza and the full machinations of an ongoing hype machine. On “City Water,” these tensions are explored in a full blown folk out that combines simple strumming, harmonic sing-alongs and too-perceptive lyrics about lost loves in windy cities.

“You came right away / But you never stayed,” repeats the make-you-think chorus with just enough strings to see the well-worn creases in the familiar arrangement of acoustics and light brushing of drums. It’s the 1900s “Landslide” with the melodious grit of the Hidden Cameras, so you better toast a glass of merlot to sorrow and multi-member harmonies. Cold & Kind chills Oct. 2 via the Parasol imprint.

Now Hear This: The 1900s – “City Water”

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