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Wrap Your ‘Arms’ Around Monster Bobby

Brighton-based music man Monster Bobby is somewhat of a rock’n’roll Renaissance man. Having championed British Sea Power and Electric Soft Parade during their early days, Monster Bobby also acts as the house DJ for all Pipettes gigs, but now the musician is ready to move out from behind the shadows of his protégés for his very own gig as a singer/songwriter.

Created in his off-time from his other undertakings, his debut LPGaps shines with his own genre of “glitchtronica.” On “Beyond the Reach of Arms,” which is washed in his handsome Brighton-bred accent and a soundscape of imperfections, the budding troubadour perfectly crafts a satisfying pop sound; adorable acoustics are layered around esoteric, electric elements, while lyrically the song conjures imagery of the amateur teen songwriter lamenting away in his bedroom for the girl across the street — and incidentally, the track was composed and produced in such an environment. With “Beyond the Reach of Arms,” Monster Bobby’s impressive career is joyously juxtaposed against an amateur aesthetic, featuring a churning acoustic guitar riff and lyrics of boyish beckoning, “I need you tonight / I need your arms ’round me tonight / Stay with me tonight…” Many are indeed likely to stay within ‘reach’ of Monster Bobby, because rest assured, his sweet inquisition is superbly easy on the ears. Gaps drops this week via the Hypnote Recording Concern imprint.

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