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We’re ‘Hot’ for 1990s

“They play rock’n’roll like a blonde gets out of a car!” touts Glasgow bred trio, 1990s, on their official MySpace page, but thing is that these sharp-tongued Scots with the matching haircuts ain’t lyin’. “Hot Feet,” featured on the band’s U.K. extended player, 2007’s You Made Me Like It, is as iconic and appealing as a Hilton sister exiting a Hummer. And we mean that in the best way possible.

Lead singer (and ex-Yummy Fur bandmate of Alex Kapranos) Jackie McKeown has a Scottish scowl that perfectly compliments the Stooges-like arrangement, circa 1969, of a few power chords, hip-thrusting bass line, and edgy, crashing drums care of bandmates Michael McGaughrin and Jamie McMorrow. His deal? He’s got “hot feet / when I walk down the street.” Of course, all this temperature rising can only lead into an infectious coda of ooh ooh oohs, a sexy rhythm that makes you wanna break out some fancy footwork, highland-style, and a result that sounds nothing but classic cool. Now that’s hot.

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Talk: Do 1990s give you “hot” or cold feet?

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