Velvet Revolver, ‘Libertad’ (RCA)

This supergroup, featuring former Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland and three ex-Guns N’ Roses members, isn’t a band from which major revelations are expected, and you won’t find any here. But Libertad does improve slightly on the mostly hookless choogling of the band’s 2004 debut, Contraband, with songs that are punchier and a bit more memorable. Opener “Let It Roll” is a respectable two-minute blast of Zeppelin bravado, and the single “She Builds Quick Machines” sounds like it was constructed from the better parts of GNR’s “Rocket Queen” and STP’s “Sex Type Thing.” Still, their cover of ELO’s “Can’t Get It out of My Head” is probably the only track that will actually get stuck in your head.




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