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A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Who? Bummed out by the weather in Glasgow and London, Ever Nalens and Ben Daniels, respectively, returned home to Philadelphia in 2005 to dust off the cassettes bearing years-old bedroom recordings. When Nalens backed away from the project, Daniels enlisted sister Robin on vocals, and soon identical twin Lauren followed suit for dual female vocals. The result was A Sunny Day in Glasgow; layers of white noise reminiscent of Lush and My Bloody Valentine, but with an added dash of saccharine.

What’s the Deal? The blogosphere went bonkers for ASDiG’s debut EP, 2006’s The Sunniest Day Ever, and a deal with indie imprint Notenuf arrived shortly thereafter. February’s melodic-noise opus Scribble Mural Comic Journal elevated the band’s status in noise-pop circles. “C’mon” morphs warped wind-chime soundscapes into a yearningly ethereal pounce, and “5:15 Train” sludges along the tracks like chamber music for a reverb-obsessed underworld, while the dreamy pop harmonies of “Hugs & Kisses” — found on new EP Tout New Age (available in digital format this week) — let your mind drift into slumberland. Oscar Wilde’s quip about being in the gutter but looking up at the stars never seemed more appropriate.

Fun Fact: Nalens, who went to art school in Glasgow from 2002 to 2004, remains close to the band and draws under the Sunny Day in Glasgow name. A Sunny Day in Glasgow serves as both the band and art site. MICHAEL MAROTTA

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