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Snoop Seeks Australian Citizenship

Having already been denied the right to legally live down under upon failing the country’s required “character test” this past April, Snoop Dogg continues his quest in becoming an Australian citizen. Seems the Doggfather, also banned in the U.K., is that desperate find himself another ‘dogg’ house.

According to Pitchfork, Snoop Dogg is also preparing to document his request for alternate citizenship through a video series produced by MTV Australia. It turns out the network is fully endorsing the rapper’s campaign to make the move and the “Welcome Snoop” online programming includes video pleas from the rap legend himself, as well as surveys and a petition. In discussing his decision to relocate, Snoop has cited an exhaustion of the glitzy L.A. lifestyle and wants an opportunity to chill out and enjoy the female population. When explaining his motivation to move, Snoop somehow failed to mention his recent string of drug and weapon related arrests that linger in the United States and Europe. Alas, the Dogg remains seemingly laid back as ever, with his mind on his money and his money on his mind.

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