Scissors for Lefty, ‘Underhanded Romance’ (Eenie Meenie)

Scissors for Lefty don’t disguise their influences — listen a minute, and you’ll think of a dozen bands they sound like (for clarity’s sake: Pulp, the Killers, the Walkmen, Hot Hot Heat, and virtually every group in this week’s NME). But the sounds this San Francisco quintet mine weren’t necessarily original to begin with, so huge hooks and playful pleasures win the day: Boopy ’80s keyboards propel the winning “Ghetto Ways”; clipped, cooler-than-thou vocals evoke the Rapture on “Nickels and Dimes”; and “Wandering Arms” moves with a sexy slink. So cheerily unpretentious, it’s almost irresistible.

Now Hear This: Scissors for Lefty – “Nickels & Dimes” DOWNLOAD MP3




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