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Rocky Votolato, ‘The Brag & Cuss’ (Barsuk)

In the tradition of any good country troubadour, Rocky Votolato knows his muse lies at the bottom of a highball glass. His fifth and most graceful album nurtures the hushed, wispy harmonies of 2006’s Makers (yep, named after the whiskey) in somber tales of nights spent drinking alone, missing his family, and staving off the weariness that descends long before last call. And while his career has been a march through genres, from the prickly punk of his old band Waxwing to yuppie-scolding Phil Ochs folk (2003’s Suicide Medicine), it’s in these hoarse lamentations that he sounds the most at home.

Now Hear This Rocky Votolato – “Postcards from Kentucky” DOWNLOAD MP3