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Robert Smith Confirms New Album Details

Amidst the chatter that another album was soon in the works, the Cure’s lead singer Robert Smith has confirmed that the band will release their 13th studio album this October via Suretone/Geffen. Billboard reports that after numerous updates and revisions, Smith intends for the yet-to-be-titled release to come in the form of a double disc at the price of just one. The make-up caked songwriter also intends to craft the album with a heightened sense of creativity and disregard for “commercial concern,” thus such packaging is due to “the stage we’re at with the band, I’m making this record because I want to enjoy the process and be proud of the finished result.”

The project’s second disc will be a collection of handpicked material, including three songs with origins from the ’80s that have been reworked to reflect today. Smith elaborates, “They’ve changed quite a lot, but the basic melody and chord structure has remained. They do have a certain old Cure-ness about them.” Despite Smith’s pride over the new material in the works, he promises to be fair when composing setlists for the band’s upcoming fall tour. He understands from the perspective of his audiences, recognizing, “The idea of going out and doing a two-and-a-half hour show and including 10 or 12 new songs would actually be really awful, I think. A show is an experience.”

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