Placebo on ‘Rollins’ Tonight

Tonight (July 6), former Black Flag frontman, eloquent and electrified punk divinity, and robust performing cultural critic Henry Rollins resumes the sophomore season of his weekly late night residency on IFC with the thirteenth episode of The Henry Rollins Show. Tonight’s musical guest, Placebo, will rock out on “Blind,” from the recently re-issued Meds. Check out this review of Placebo’s recent stop in Toronto.

Beginning at 11 P.M. EST/8 P.M. PST on IFC, Rollins will serve up Placebo, plus an interview with Hustler founder Larry Flynt. Think they’ll talk about the recent passing of Flynt’s arch-nemesis, Jerry Fallwell?

Check out a snippet of Placebo’s performance pulled from tonight’s episode:

Talk: Is tonight’s episode worth watching until “The Bitter End”?


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