Pissed Jeans, ‘Hope for Men’ (Sub Pop)

Of today’s numerous punk bands reminding us that the Jesus Lizard and their queasy ilk didn’t die in vain, this quartet of mopes from Allentown, Pennsylvania, might be the best. Their blown-amp sludge punk demonstrates, as noise-rock godfather Steve Albini once put it, “how fucking holy distortion sounds on just about anything.” Amen, brother. Matt Korvette’s hotfoot howl stays safely buried under landfills of guitar grumble and bar-fight drum pound, but he sounds like he’s just dying to break out and rub himself on you. Of course he says he’s “not a people person!” Who wants friendly scum?

Now Hear This: Pissed Jeans – “I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream)” DOWNLOAD MP3




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