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Pete Doherty Escapes Punishment in Drug Sentencing

Following a court appearance earlier this week, Pete Doherty will not face jail time despite pleading no contest to a series of moving auto violations and possession of heroin, crack cocaine, cannabis, and ketamine, U.K.’s the Mirror reports. After arriving two hours late to stand trial, Doherty was propositioned with the choice of either entering rehab or jail, to which he replied, “I was going to rehab anyway. I’ve no choice, have I?” Doherty will enter a facility in Harrogate on July 16th and endure a five-day detox treatment to start.

His concession may also be due to his ejection from the home he shares with on-again, off-again gal pal Kate Moss. Although the pair entered treatment together upon a previous infraction, this series of offenses was Moss’ final straw. Following rumors of Doherty’s recent infidelity and a violent scuffle between the two over the weekend, Moss has hired a new security team and removed his belongings from her North London home. His instruments and a collection of luggage were reportedly dumped on a block of flats in East London where Doherty has been living part time. Moss clearly means business with the move as Doherty returned home and told a fan, “This is where I live now. Kate’s kicked me out and changed the locks.” Despite’s Doherty’s earlier anxieties about kicking his rampant substance abuse, could his shenanigans finally be over for good?

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