Moss’ Final Gift to Doherty: A New Implant

The life and times of disheveled rocker Pete Doherty and supermodel Kate Moss’ tiresome on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again relationship has provided voyeuristic entertainment in the form of couple’s rehab stints, marriage rumors, and Doherty’s unlawfulness for over two-years. But when the couple’s death knell sung just weeks ago, it appeared the duo’s names were forever dismissed from headlines. But now, it appears Mosserty lives one last time, for Moss has purchased one final departing gift for former BF Pete: an anti-heroin implant.

According to a U.K. Mirror source, Moss, who “feels terribly betrayed” by Doherty’s relationship ending infidelities, understands the Babyshambles frontman “still needs help and support” and “is very aware that Pete still has issues with drug use and doesn’t want to leave him in the lurch completely.” So, Moss has agreed to foot the bill for his latest anti-heroin implant, a device that counteracts the effects of opiate drugs. The implant, which can cost quite a pricey sum, is reportedly Doherty’s fifth to date and will be implanted into his stomach sometime in the next two weeks.

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Talk: Now that Doherty has avoided jail time for his drug convictions, will he be able to stay clean? Do you even care?


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