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Mando Diao

Amidst the band’s headlining U.S. tour this past May, Mando Diao dropped into Spin‘s Manhattan digs equipped to churn out spirited, electrified garage-rock ditties from the outfit’s latest LP, Ode to Ochrasy. And by the animated reactions from onlookers, including fist pumps, sing alongs, and awestruck bliss, Mando Diao’s sonic tidings transmitted clearly. The intimate, raucous set, presented by Newcastle Brown Ale, unveiled acoustic renditions of band’s much-hyped new tunes, all belted via the vigorous two-man tag-team of Gustaf Norén and Björn Dixgård. But the lack of electrification remained irrelevant; if any tiffs remain, peep Norén’s vocal hollers and neck strains throughout — that’s rock!