Madonna Taps Eugene Hutz for Film

In addition to a few other musically influenced Madonna devotees, it seems Eugene Hutz, the Ukrainian frontman of gypsy punk musical circus Gogol Bordello, has a thing for Madge. But unlike the other rockers, this mustachioed musician’s admiration stems from real life experience. According to, Hutz, who also joined Madonna on stage Saturday (June 7) during London’s Live Earth installment for her tune “La Isla Bonita,” has been recruited by the Material Girl to star in her directoral debut, a short film titled Filth & Wisdom. “It was super fun and perfectly respectable, and it ended up being quite a collaborative project,” Hutz said of working alongside Madonna. “I think she was fantastic… She’s such a dynamic force. You can always measure a director by how specific he is or she is, and she was very specific. She had very energetic visions but at the same time there was a lot of room for me to do my own thing.”

Hutz, who also appeared in 2005’s acclaimed film Everything Is Illuminated, plays the role of A.K. in Filth & Wisdom, a character reportedly drawing from his own personality which dresses in drag. “(Madonna) said, ‘How do you feel about dressing up as a woman?'” Hutz told “I said, ‘Well, as long as it’s a woman with a moustache, I’m there.”

The 45-minute film, also featuring Hutz’s dialogue, three of Gogol Bordello’s songs, and acting roles from Richard E. Grant (Gosford Park, Spice World) and Stephen Graham (Snatch, Gangs of New York), is expected to hit the festival circuit following its debut at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

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