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Linkin Park Stalker Charged

As the non-rhyme spitting half of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington has become familiar with the fame and fortune garnered with hit records. But it seems the singer has recently discovered the downside to success: Stalkers. According to, former laboratory worker Devon Townsend has admitted to stalking Bennington by hacking government computers to obtain the singer’s personal information, including home address, email address, cell phone number, and financials. But this over-the-edge fan didn’t stop with creepy messages. In addition to threatening Bennington’s wife, Townsend’s love for Bennington literally went too far.

“On at least one occasion, knowing that Chester Bennington was in Arizona I traveled to Arizona solely for the purpose of trying to see him,” Townsend said in a Albuquerque, NM court room where she plead guilty to stalking and unlawful access to stored communications charges. “While I was there, I monitored Chester Bennington’s voicemails as a means of trying to locate where he might be eating.” Whoa. Although a sentencing date has yet-to-be announced, Townsend faces up to five years in prison and fines up to $250,000 for each count.

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