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Internet Radio’s Imminent Death

After months of protest, a universal day of silence, and numerous congressional bills, July 15, the date massive royalty hikes will be implemented upon Internet radio webcasters, is now just days away. The increase, set to amplify current costs over three fold — a station with only 5000 listeners will now have to pay roughly $12,000 a month in royalty fees — will likely silence roughly 90 percent of Internet radio stations, shushing scores of artists, both major and independent. In preparation for the deadline, bloggers, webcasters, and listeners across the web have made last ditch attempts, including artist letters and desperate pleas to congress, to derail the RIAA and Copyright Royalty Board’s plan and ultimately save the medium. But with July 15 just three days away, it appears unlikely independently run, cash deprived stations will be spared. Web radio has been given an ultimatum: Pay up or shut up.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about the internet radio regulations going into affect this Sunday :

“Our wonderful government and record labels are about to kill off tons of web radio stations.” — Hacks,

“Even though I don’t tend to listen to internet only stations, I totally respect what the small-time webcasters have done for the millions of listeners out there, and the diversity of material they’re offering to the world. Taking this all away for the sake of pennies for the media monopolies is a nightmarish thought. We have to defend the places that haven’t yet turned into terrestrial commercial radio!” —

“The RIAA got this legislation passed so they could kill ‘net radio and make more money for themselves via record sales and larger broadcasters; it looks like their strategy is going to work if something isn’t done.” — Bad Little Monkey O’Rama,

“The likelihood that Congress will pass legislation to nullify the hikes, proposed in both the House and Senate, in the next four days seems slim…” — Jason Lee Miller,

“Careers depend on the promotional exposure that Internet radio provides…” — Takecountryback,

Talk: Will the powers that be step in before July 15 and keep internet radio alive?