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Inaccuracies Plague Ian Curtis Biopic ‘Control’?

While the forthcoming Ian Curtis biopic, Control was well received at this year’s Cannes festival, former Joy Division members, bassist Peter Hook and drummer Stephen Morris, are speaking out on the final cut of the Anton Corbijn-directed film based on their late bandmate and memoir Touching From a Distance. According to Yahoo! News, Morris remarked, “None of it’s true, really. It’s sort of true, but you have to take liberties when you’re making a film because the truth is too boring.”

Having lived through the events depicted in the film, Morris had his obvious criticisms. He explains, “It’s a bit hard to watch when you’re involved in it as much as Peter [Hook] and I have been through.” Hook further elaborates, “It was, as I said, like having your heart stamped on.” The new wave pioneers also hoped audiences would be more solemn and reverent in their viewing of the film, but both, however, were very congratulatory towards Corbijn’s artistic achievement with Control, as they both agreed that they “enjoyed it… Anton’s done a really good job. It’s not as funny as 24 Hour Party People, though!” An official widespread release date has yet to-be-announced, but is expected to come by the end of the year.

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