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The GO is Sweet on ‘Caroline’

It’s an age-old pop culture plot: the bully with a hidden heart of gold. Everyone knows even the boldest bad boys can get the blues — and on The GO’s fourth LP Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride, the brash quartet’s signature raucous energy takes a backseat to lo-fi, off-kilter harmonies riding shotgun. “Caroline” is a song exemplifying the most endearing and elementary of pop classics as if the Zombies and the Kinks made up with Dr. Dog following a schoolyard fist fight. With sweeping riffage, dissonant piano plunks, and hidden saxophone bits, The GO gets a little soft rock. But frontman Bobby Harlow, the menacing Detroit rocker who brought us the sneering garage rock staple “Whatcha Doin'” in 1999, appears pretty comfortable with that. He may be “a boy with rosebud eyes,” however it’s his heart that’s colored with Motor City malaise, thus making “Caroline” the band’s finest heartbreaker since 2003’s “Summer’s Gonna Be My Girl.” The GO proves it’s certainly not a crime for any guy bearing the big guns to shed a little sensitivity whilst showcasing the heart on his sleeve. Howl on the Haunted Beat You Ride howls July 24th via Detroit’s own Cass imprint.

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