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Donnas to Drop ‘Bitchin” New Album

Mainstay rock quartet the Donnas, comprised of Palo Alto, CA-based drummer Torry Castellano (a.k.a. Donna C.), guitarist Allison Robertson (Donna R.), bassist Maya Ford (Donna F.), and vocalist Brett Anderson (Donna A.), have announced the release of Bitchin’, the band’s seventh LP, slated to hit store shelves Sept. 18 via Purple Feather. The record, a self-released affair courtesy of the band’s freshly minted label, is the follow up to 2004’s Gold Medal and was co-produced by Jay Ruston (The Polyphonic Spree, Meat Loaf). And with the latest effort comes a newfound self-assurance in the girls’ 15-year tenure as a band. “We know what we want, we know how to get it, and we are ready and willing to take it,” Robertson said in a statement. “It’s almost like we have come full circle… Maybe in some way we are still the same dorky pre-teens who started playing because we love rock’n’roll. The difference is now we are completely comfortable and confident with who we are.”

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