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Bumbershoot Readies Nick Drake, Miranda July Art Exhibits

Officials for Seattle’s 37th Annual Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival have revealed details for the event’s visual arts component, citing exhibits curated by performing artist and K Records musician Miranda July as well as by the estate of somber singer/songwriter Nick Drake as highlights of his year’s festival, set to hit the city’s center Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-3). July, also known for her acting role in You and Me and Everyone We Know, and artist Harrell Fletcher, collectively the founders of Learning to Love You More (LTLYM), an online project fostering art in everyday life, have recruited one Seattle Family (the Olivers) to complete a list of zany, artistic assignments, which will be on display throughout the festival. The entire list of assignments, including one that requires writing down a phone conversation you’d like to have, can be viewed via LTLYM. In addition, the Olivers’ progress can be viewed at

The estate of late Brit strummer Nick Drake has curated A Place to Be, an exhibit offering interpretations of the singer/songwriter’s work via numerous artistic mediums, including music, painting, and writing. Such works include River Man, a film by Tim Pope and Norah Jones’ cover of “Day is Done,” which will appear alongside photographs of Drake taken by his official, now deceased photographer Keith Morris. The exhibit, part of a larger Drake theme, will accompany words and music event featuring performances from Gomez’s Ian Bell and Brit singer John Wesley Harding.

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