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Who? BOAT started as a basement pastime of D. Crane (vocals/guitar/keys) after returning to Seattle from a fruitless stint in Chi-town. A revolving door roster of friends and musical acquaintances fleshed out BOAT’s self-released full-length Life is a Shipwreck and the After All EP, but the Portland, Ore.-based label Magic Marker signed on for 2006’s Songs That You Might Not Like. With Let’s Drag Our Feet! (in stores July 10th via Magic Marker), the band has finally committed to M. McKenzie (bass) and J. Goodman (drums), further anchoring BOAT’s sturdy indie rock appeal.

What’s the deal? Generally, BOAT feels like Modest Mouse filtered through ’60s pop radio, though various influences adorn the new album. “Come With Me, We’ll Win” bleeds a barroom wail into a loping slither, and the seemingly Kinks-inspired “Illustrate the History” warps into a mono acoustic Jack White-meets-Britt Daniel-like ditty on “When I Grow Up.” For all anyone knows, “Make Way For the Genius to Appear” might actually be Isaac Brock fronting Pavement. Still, lulling guitars, brooding vocals and non-sequitur lyrics make “The Ferocious Sounds of Lobsters and Snakes” BOAT’s most essential track.

Fun Fact: Two of BOAT’s three members are teachers. For the next school year, drummer J. Goodman and vocalist/guitarist D. Crane have secret plans to use incoming 4th and 6th graders as a show poster-making factory. With glues sticks, crayons, staplers, some glitter and felt, BOAT plan on taking their concert posters to the next level. Crane tells, “We will definitely be teaching an events promotion unit in Social Studies.” GARY L. BLACKWELL, JR.

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Talk: Is Let’s Drag Our Feet nimble enough to keep this BOAT afloat?

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