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Babyshambles Play Secret London Show

It wouldn’t be a day without a bit of Pete Doherty debauchery, would it? It seems as if avoiding jail time was enough for the Babyshambles rabble-rouser to celebrate in song. NME reports that Doherty and co. performed an intimate secret show at North London dive bar Boogaloo last evening (July 5), and debuted new songs from the band’s forthcoming album to a 200-person crowd, which included Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan (reportedly witnessed taking a snooze on a bar-mate’s shoulder). Doherty’s former flame Kate Moss was nowhere in sight, but he was still turned on — the show was apparently a knockout. Jamie Fullerton, a columnist for the U.K. magazine, was lucky enough to witness the performance and elaborates on his experience via the NME blog:

“Pete looked fantastic. Sober, together, perfectly coordinated, he looked… professional… And he sounded professional too — the band were so tight you couldn’t squeeze a lemon slice between their taught, melodic riffs. The new stuff pisses all over anything off their first album… this was the most professional I’ve ever seen the band. And the greatest performance I’ve seen them play, too.”

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