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Alicia Keys ‘Dying’ for White Stripes, QOTSA Collabos

With such a large, diverse collection of artists cranking out a steady stream of product in today’s musical arena, seemingly odd cross-pollinations — such as the potential work between Timbaland and Britney Spears and Robert Smith and Ashlee Simpson — are bound to happen. But this latest collabo tidbit has our nerves teeming with anticipation. According to, R&B songstress Alicia Keys is “dying to work” with Detroit-bred rockers Jack and Meg White. “Me and the White Stripes are going to do something crazy,” Keys said. “We tried to work something out for this record (her third studio LP due this fall), but the timing got a little crazy and it didn’t come off. I know we can do something next time around.”

While you imagine the mash-up of Alicia Keys’ waterfall piano loops and the White Stripes’ bayou guitar shreds, add another hard hitting rock act to Keys’ to-do-list: Queens of the Stone Age. “I’m dying to work with Queens of the Stone Age, too,” Keys said. “Both bands have a very simple approach to music, but it has a soul to it that I totally get. If we did something together, it would be incredible.”

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Talk: Do you foresee a Keys, White Stripes, and QOTSA supergroup in the near future?