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Willowz Need ‘Nobody’

The Willowz’s future glowed bleakly following their hometown branding as “Most Hated Band in Anaheim” paired with a few fruitless teeters on the cusp of indie rock stardom. But with their fourth album, Chautauqua, Richie James Follin and his band of southern rock outlaws have added a few logs to the band’s rekindling fire. In “Nobody” — directed by Amanda Milius — viewers are buckled into an edge of your seat Dukes of Hazzard-style car chase across the desert as frontman Follin clumsily swerves, wailing “I don’t need anybody else” amidst a swamp of southern guitar squeals. The video, Milius’ first major work, employed a combination of 16mm film and digital techniques to muster its vintage, druggy appearance. Buckle up and hold on tight, for the Willowz’s “Nobody” should be issued a citation for recklessly rocking!

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Willowz: still the “Worst Band in Anaheim”?

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