Weezer Return to Studio

Contrary to popular belief, Weezer isn’t breaking up! In fact, Rivers Cuomo, the band’s bespectacled dork-cum-rock frontman has emerged from his Harvard dorm room to restart Weezer’s dormant engine and lead the band’s melodious, power-pop constituents into the studio. According to a band website post courtesy of Cuomo himself, who, in archetypal collegiate fashion addresses readers as “Party-People” and himself as “R-Dawg,” the band is currently “polishing up a batch of songs for a recording session that is going to start at the beginning of July.” Furthermore, the stint in the studio “will be the final recording session for our sixth album which we aim to put out in the first half of 2008,” wrote Rivers, er, “R-Dawg.” The forthcoming yet-to-be titled album will follow the 2005 release of Make Believe.

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