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Thurston Moore to Drop ‘Trees Outside the Academy’

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has announced the release of Trees Outside the Academy, his first proper solo album since 1995’s Psychic Hearts, out Sept. 18 via his own Ecstatic Peace label. The album, laid to tape in J Mascis’ home studio in Amherst, MA, was chiefly recorded with acoustic guitar and bass alongside Sonic Youth sticksman Steve Shelly and violinist Samara Lubelski. In addition, Sonic Youth’s Rather Ripped mixer John Agnello came aboard for the 12-track affair, which also features collaborations with Mascis and Charalambides’ Christina Carter, who duets with Moore on “Honest James.”

Andrew Macgregor, Sunburned Hand of the Man’s John Moloney, and noise rocker Leslie Keffer also appear on Trees Outside the Academy. And though the album, according to a statement, is mostly an acoustic and lyrically driven work, the record’s title track, plus a handful of others, arrive sans vocals. Plus, “some weird cassette tape that Thurston found at his mom’s of him at 13 years old in the early ’70s making some kind of sound-theatre” will also appear on the new record.

Trees Outside the Academy tracklisting:

1. “Frozen Gtr”
2. “The Shape is in a Trance”
3. “Honest James”
4. “Silver>Blue”
5. “Fri/End”
6. “American Coffin”
7. “Wonderful Witches”
8. “Off Work”
9. “Never Light”
10. “Free Noise Among Friends”
11. “Trees Outside the Academy”
12. “Thurston@13”

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