Straylight Run Shines Bright

Showing devil horns is a sign of yesteryear’s metal band worship, but kids today have their own devotion atop an outstretched arm: the camera phone. As Long Island’s own Straylight Run launched into piano-stomping opener “Existentialism on Prom Night” last night (June 27), brother/sister tandem John Nolan and Michelle DaRosa were greeted by would-be paparazzi hipsters at Beantown’s own Axis venue. Amid a sea of under-agers, emo scene kids and a strange battalion of white-towel-wearing dudes (hey, it was really hot outside), Straylight Run’s ambient emo pop rock sparkled through a crisp 11-song set. Radio-ready hit-in-waiting “Soon We’ll Be Living in the Future” drew handclaps galore, and the pulsating drums and xylophone chime of “The Words We Say” spurred an eruption of the dance move that sees knees bending and backs thrown out. Earlier on, Boston’s Mean Creek commenced a sharp blend of country-core, city-mates the Dear Hunter fostered crystalline prog rock with occasional space-aged jam sessions. It was a picture-perfect affair. MICHAEL MAROTTA / PHOTOS BY MICK MURRAY

We asked: In honor of “Soon We’ll be Living in the Future,” a song featured on Straylight Run’s latest album, The Needles the Space, how would you want to live in the future?


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