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Robyn Hitchcock on ‘Rollins’ Tonight

Tonight (June 29), former Black Flag frontman, eloquent and electrified punk divinity, and robust performing cultural critic Henry Rollins resumes the sophomore season of his weekly late night residency on IFC with the twelfth episode of The Henry Rollins Show. And English psych folk singer/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock has decided to drop in offer Rollins a taste of his new record Olé! Tarantula and its title track performed alongside R.E.M.’s Peter Buck, Young Fresh Fellows’ Scott McCaughey, and Ministry’s Bill Rieflin, collectively known as Venus 3.

Beginning at 11 P.M. EST/8 P.M. PST on IFC, Rollins will serve up a diverse and compelling palette of urgent interviews and musical gigs, satisfied by renowned Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction actor Tim Roth and Hitchcock, respectively. Dressed in a flower print button-up, Hitchcock and his band Venus 3, all equally garnered in distinctive attire, walk through a straightforward, jolly rendition of the poppy, amusing tune.

Check out a snippet of Robyn Hitchcock’s performance pulled from tonight’s episode and don’t forget to tune in. With a diverse cast ranging from the one of the silver screen’s cult icons to a seminal, eclectic recording artist and his crew of seasoned musicians, viewers could be in for an entertaining episode.

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