Rage Against the Machine Website Baffles

Recently reunited politico hard rockers Rage Against the Machine have never been one to abide by the rules and succumb to the man — press included. So, in addition to confusing Anne Coulter, RATM have now perplexed fans with a new website, ratm82407.com, offering a numeric clock, which appears to be counting down each day, hour, minute, and second to, er, something. The band’s next human rights march, tailored lyrical assault on the White House, or, fingers crossed, the release date of the RATM’s speculated reunion album? Who really knows but our astute investigational dexterity leads us to believe that clues will be offered in (as of this very second) 4 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes, and 33 seconds and that at a further date, seemingly 78 days away, an RATM event horizon will unfold — a quick glance at the calendar and website URL suggest August 24, 2007. Head over to ratm82407.com and see for yourself.

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