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President Bush’s Greenhouse Gas Proposal, Moby Chimes In

In a paradigm shift for his administration, one which has historically ignored growing chatter and concern regarding global warming, President George W. Bush took the podium yesterday at the United States Agency for International Development in Washington D.C. and laid the blueprints for “a long term goal” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative is the first of its kind for the U.S., the nation some scientists cite as the biggest contributor to pollution, following Bush’s refusal to sign the Kyoto treaty in 2000 on grounds of not including other major polluting nations. “In recent years, science has deepened our understanding of climate change and opened new possibilities for confronting it,” said President Bush.

And Bush’s change of environmental heart has incited chatter across the web. But while some bloggers studiously dissect the political undertones of Bush’s statements, rejoice his efforts towards making a change to preserve the planet, and question and criticize the plan’s lack of concrete details, a trip-hop and punk vegan known as Moby has but one query. “Is he listening to Phish and smoking Humboldt County chronic?” Moby wrote to his MySpace blog. “Maybe he woke up the other day and said: ‘Ok, I’m done with the evil phase of my presidency, time for me to be the sunflower-child I know myself to be.’ Huh.”

Here’s what bloggers are saying about Bush’s proposal:

“Everything that comes out of Bush’s mouth (ughh!) contributes to global warming. The massive volume of excrement from a feedlot for pigs can’t come close to producing the quantity of methane animating from Bush.” — Gorp,

“Sounds like all talk.” — featherriver,

“To me, it just looks like Bush is waiting till the end of his presidency to push the problems over to his follower.” —

“President Bush has confused the issue of global greenhouse gas emissions control in a clever move to stall any real progress at the G8 summit next week. Where anyone with any kind of concern for our planet’s future, and hence our own future would see this as a disaster for greenhouse gas emission reduction.” —

“Doesn’t sound like the Bush we know.” — kid_philosopher,

“Of course, this would pass off the environment file to the next White House occupant.” — Tony Carson,

Talk: President George Bush: Serious about environmental change or playing political chess?