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The Pigeon Detectives

Who? The Pigeon Detectives are a rowdy bunch that wails about their teenage years in tiny Rothwell, near Leeds, England. The cocksure five-piece, which formed in 2002, features Matt Bowman (vocals), Oliver Main (guitar), Ryan Wilson (guitar), Dave Best (bass) and Jimmi Naylor (drums).

What’s the Deal? With a hip, skinny black-jean, leather clad image, the Detectives exude bawdy British rock appeal well-suited for all indie rock fans. Their debut long-player, Wait for Me, mixes up the finest bits of the Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, and the Clash. Supported by the punky sing-along “Romantic Type,” the shouty call and response of “I Found Out,” and the head-bobbing “I’m Not Sorry,” Wait for Me has become a bona fide U.K. chartbuster. Now it’s America’s turn to clue into the Pigeon Detectives’ infectious, pop-driven rock’n’roll.

Fun Fact: There is no secret meaning or a clever reason for the Pigeon Detectives’ name — the lads simply needed a moniker when a booking agent approached them. Luckily enough, they shared a tent at music festival with an Australian tourist, who made the suggestion: the Pigeon Detectives. Obviously the name stuck. DAMON SGRIGNOLI

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