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Pete Doherty ‘Not Ready’ to Kick Drugs

Often, Mother knows best. And if that’s the case here, disheveled, debauchery-ridden Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty may not live up to his pre-nuptial narcotic agreements and won’t be ringing bells of matrimony to supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss anytime soon. According to, Doherty’s mother Jackie stated her son Pete, despite already sporting a novels worth of inked police and rehab paper work, is in fact, not prepared to kick dope. “Pete’s not ready to give up yet… He will have to hit rock bottom before he can rise up again,” she said. But with Doherty’s wild antics, ranging from a botched attempt at a dangerous new hobby to creating art work and squirting a German TV host with syringe drawn blood, Doherty could bring new depth to the phrase “rock bottom.”

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