Peeping Tom on ‘Rollins’ Tonight

Tonight (June 1), former Black Flag frontman, electrified punk divinity, and robust performing cultural critic Henry Rollins resumes the second season of his weekly late night residency on IFC with the eighth episode of The Henry Rollins Show. And a fellow rock idol, one Mike Patton, formerly of Faith No More, decided to drop in for a performance under his new moniker, Peeping Tom.

Beginning at 11 P.M. EST/8 P.M. PST on IFC, Rollins will serve up a diverse and compelling palette of urgent interviews and musical gigs, satisfied by famed USS Enterprise Captain and landmark actor William Shatner and rock impresario Mike Patton, a.k.a. Peeping Tom, respectively. Offering a characteristically experimental, eclectic performance, Patton opens the dungeon door and seethes the dark, industrial-esque rhythms and soundscapes of “We’re Not Alone.”

Check out a snippet of the Peeping Tom’s performance pulled from tonight’s episode and don’t forget to tune in. With a wildly diverse cast (William Shatner!) ranging from TV and film’s most cherished to rock’s mastermind, both lead by Mr. Rollins himself, viewers could be in for an entertaining episode.

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Talk: With loads of interstellar travels under his belt, does Shatner know truly if “We Not Alone”?


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